About me

Photo: Hampus Andersson

Anna Jakobsson

Anna’s practice expands over the fields of contemporary music, opera and theatre and is distinguished by an interest in feminine narratives and non-hierarchical working methods. Her work often explores various modes of audience participation and she wants her work to be both gentle and challenging in once.

She holds a MA in Performance Practice as Research from the Royal Central School of Speech in London. Anna also studied stage directing at the College of Opera in Stockholm.

She works as executive leader for Konstmusiksystrar (Sisters in Contemporary Music), a network of artists, producers and educators working to increase the representation of women, transgender- and non-binary people in new music.

2019 Anna directed Am I the only one? A correspondence with Clara Schumann in collaboration with Konstmusiksystrar. The project was initiated to celebrate the memory of composer Clara Schumann’s 200nd birthday and included a commissioned piece written by five women composers as well as a staged concert with The Swedish Wind Ensemble in Stockholm.

2020-2021 Anna held a two years-long residency at Transit kulturinkubator in Stockholm.